Why the fuck are you so happy all the time?!
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Some people look at me with complete disgust when I smile in the face of a situation that “should” bring me to tears or white hot anger. And then often times those same people ask me, “Why the fuck are you so happy all the time?” with that tone of total annoyance that’s difficult to disguise.

Some people think happiness is my predisposition. That I’m just “one of those people” who was born annoyingly happy. Like I have some kind of software glitch that automatically overrides sadness and anger.

Well, I WASN’T just born annoyingly happy. Annoying, yes maybe that, but not the happy part. In truth, that part shirked me for years while I secretly toiled and tussled with depression and addiction.

I’ll tell you why I’m so fucking happy all the time. In fact, I’ll break it down to 3 really simple choices I make daily.

3 Simple Rules to Achieve Happiness with Irritating Consistency

1. Stop being offended!

We live in a society that is constantly offended, don’t we? Just pop open your favorite social media app and BAM! someone’s offended by something in this very moment. I guarantee it.

Well guess what? That which offends you, only serves to weaken YOU.

Let go of your need to judge everything as good or bad. The energetic frequency of judgement is one of the lowest, slowest wavelengths on the spectrum, while forgiveness is one of the highest. It’s time to bury the hatchet!

Remember the Taoist story in my book about the farmer whose horse ran away? The purpose of that parable is to illustrate that in one short series of events, we cannot know what lies ahead. None of us can. We all think we know so much. But the fact of the matter is this: your horse running away might be THE BEST DAMN THING that ever happened to you.

Be like the empty rice bowl. Be receptive, and let go of your need to be right. Ask yourself, is it more important to be right or to be happy? For me, the answer is simple.

2. Stop caring what others think about you!

Your reputation is outside of you. You cannot control how other people perceive you, no matter how hard you try with your social media posts. Other’s opinions of you will always be painted by their own experiences of the world.

What really matters is what YOU think about YOU.

I’ll give you a little hint here: don’t assess yourself from your ego’s perspective. Your ego will have you believe that you are what you have (your possession define you), that you are what you do (your achievements define you), or that you are how you look (your body defines you).

You are none of these things.

You are an eternal soul wearing the temporary garments of a human body.

Here’s where you also assess if you have an issue with self-worthiness. This is something that used to be a real challenge for me. I harbored secret thoughts of unworthiness like:

Who am I to write a book about my life?  I’m nobody.

Who am I to teach others about spirituality? I’m a sinner.

Who am I to live a life of abundance when so many others lack it? I’m undeserving.

Today, though, I hold tight to THE KNOWING of my absolute worthiness. God does not create unworthy beings. And I’m telling you, if you’re at all interested in manifesting your desires, all the positive thinking in the world will do you NO GOOD if those thoughts don’t come from a place of absolute worthiness.

If you don’t believe you are worthy of fulfilling your intentions of peace, happiness, health, wealth, love, success, or whatever it is, then you’re creating obstacles that will inhibit the flow of the creative energy that brings those things to reality.

3. Stop needing so much!

Your ego and society will tell you that you need more in order to be more. I know I often felt the personal and societal pressures of achieving, accumulating, and amassing more. Go! Go! Go! Never rest in the pursuit of more.

Yet, if you continue this seeking behavior, you will never discover that annoyingly happy feeling of ABUNDANCE.

It’s a vicious cycle. Because the more you seek, the more you communicate to yourself and the universe (consciously or not) that you are lacking. And then– YIKES! — that’s what you attract more of into your life. Remember, you are a magnet of the frequencies you emit.

Ask yourself, do you want to be a hostage to your ego and what society says you “should be” or a host to God? Being a host to God means giving more, not needing more.

Seize every opportunity, no matter how small, to give your life away in service. The irony here is that your personal rewards will multiply when you’re focused on giving rather than receiving.

Giving offers you the most fulfilling feelings in the world, riches money can’t buy, riches the most infuriatingly happy people have. Enoughness. Abundance. Generosity. Utter and Complete Gratitude. Purpose. Peace. Limitlessness.


In summary, if you want to achieve happiness with irritating consistency (which is a FUCKING AWESOME way to live, btw), then the goal is to keep your energetic frequency aligned with that of your Source.

Blessings! ~ Rebecca Rose


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