For Birdie
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In honor of the beautiful soul my readers know as Birdie (and family and friends know as Betsy):

This year for every Amazon book review (good or bad), I’m donating $5 to one of Betsy’s favorite non-profit organizations, Mountain States Children’s Home, a 155-acre farm that provides education, counseling, spiritual involvement, and housing services to children in need.

After Betsy passed away last year, we donated a bunch of her horse tack and riding gear to this organization. It’s a beautiful thing knowing her beloved passion lives on in the lives of the people she worked hard to touch in such a loving way.

So far, my book has 78 reviews. I’m hoping to grow that number to 200, making a nice $1,000 donation!

If you’ve read my story and would like to leave a review, please click the link below:*&asin=B01N9F2UG1

To learn more about Mountain States Children’s Home visit:

P.S. I’m editing this to give credit to Betsy’s husband (my father-in-law) who gave me this idea ! His heart and mind are one of a kind!


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