NEWLY RELEASED!! by: Rebecca Rose This book contains a series of ten letters that document the spiritual teachings that changed my whole life. It's NOT a book about religion. It's one on choosing love, finding lasting peace of mind, and focusing on the things that really matter. $9.99 - BUY BOOK
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Rebecca Rose

Rebecca lives with her handsome husband and crazy pup in an enchanted forest in Colorado. She  lives a quiet life and enjoys writing, reading, hiking,  carving wooden critters, drinking too much coffee, learning new things, and spending time with family and friends.

She loves hearing from her readers too! She’s grateful for every book review.

If you’d like to learn more about the author, you can follow her on Facebook. Just click the link below! You can also follow her personal life on Instagram. Her handle is @thebeckymonster.


An Odd Combo of Books 🙂

Fisher 'n' Fletcher: The Zany Fox Twins

[A Children's Picture Book - Released on March 18, 2018]

Fish 'n' Fletch may be ADORABLE,
But some of their antics are pretty DEPLORABLE!
These boys are nothing but TROUBLE.
Made worse by the fact they come in DOUBLE!
In BOOK 1 they do something sort of YUCKY,
A prank that turns out terribly UNLUCKY!


It'll Be Fine: A True Story

[A Memoir - Released on December 7, 2016]

A romance memoir that reads like fiction.

It's a true love story... but more importantly, it's a story about self-discovery and spiritual growth. It's raw, unfiltered, vulnerable, and sometimes even a bit vulgar.

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“I believe Truth is like God’s fingerprint on our soul. I’m convinced we’re created with an intrinsic capacity to feel it. I’ve discovered the ‘finding’ Truth is not purely an intellectual or analytical exercise. It’s a feeling, a shiver of knowing. For me it’s like something tickling the whiskers of my soul, letting me know I just brushed up against it.”


~Rebecca Rose, It Tickled the Whiskers of My Soul

"I appreciate the fact that she was able to put on paper things that I couldn’t even express in my own words, and how she was able to somehow capture it for me. I also appreciate that she has written such personal things and was willing to share it in its rawest form. It is authentic and simply beautifully written. She’s become one of my favorite authors."
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  • Amazon Review by J.M.
"After enduring a long year of grief and loss, it was the title that really caught my eye. As I began to read, I felt the passion and sincerity with which the author poured into every page. Through the book, she didn't sugar coat the bad stuff but kept it real. The fun times, the tough times, the times of struggle and persistence and perseverance...all REAL! This author was willing to show herself imperfect in an imperfect world, only to be made whole again by a perfect God with His awesome Grace and Power and Love in His perfect plan. If you have encountered loss of any kind in your life, or you have felt less than desirable or put down or unwanted, you will gain wisdom and comfort from reading this book."
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  • Amazon Review by J.B. Getts
"I love this book! Rebecca Rose's story of finding happiness and peace within is absolutely inspiring. She articulates her feelings so effortlessly and tells a story of her journey that is so honest and genuine. I easily identified with the author throughout her story, my heart was broken and joyous along with hers. I will never forget this book. I feel like reading it was a catalyst of hope in my life to begin my own journey of changing the negativity in my brain software to ultimately live a a life filled with joy, gratitude, hope and love."
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  • Anonymous Amazon Review
"Would highly recommend this book. Actually the only book I have ever read that gave me hope and inspiration and the motivation to change the negativity in my life and believe that there is much more to the life we live. Love this book and can't say enough positives about it. I'm actually looking forward to reading it again."
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  • Apple Review by saby2005
"This book deserves 10 stars!! I love that Rebecca wrote this book from her heart and from her gut. I think she expressed just about all of the emotions that a woman can feel in a lifetime. I downloaded this wonderful book on Friday as a result of a very boring day at work and finished it Sunday after church. The title caught my eye because my husband uses the phrase "we're gonna be fine", especially when I'm quoting numbers from our bank account!!!!"
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  • Amazon Review by sweetpea
"I just read this book in less than 24 hours, couldn't put it down! Her story is so relate-able and well written I just breezed right through it. I loved her journey of love and self-discovery. Her narrative moves quickly and keeps you engaged. I could really relate to her yearning to live her life for herself, not just what she was "supposed" to do. Recently I had also made some decisions that have allowed me to focus my energy on what's truly important. So, I found this book validating and enlightening. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a great story and spiritual inspiration."
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  • Amazon Review by Desiree
"It is one of the most transparent and honest stories I have ever read. Rebecca Rose has written a beautiful love story, not just with the main character, Wes, but with her Papa, her Center, her Source. As the reader, I felt like I was there through every step of her journey in finding love. It's honest in the fact that the experiences are ones that most people are afraid to share with their closest friend let alone the rest of the world. I loved her transparency about her inner struggles; it was actually relieving to read. I say relieving because it made me feel like I wasn't alone in the everyday struggle to find the true meaning of life, to find the realest form of love that life can give."
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  • Amazon Review by B. Beam
"This is a beautiful story about self-discovery, spiritual growth and true love. I read it in two sittings because I was so intrigued. The author, Rebecca Rose, unselfishly shares her deepest thoughts, feelings and experiences without filter or hesitation––a truly remarkable woman. As a man who considers himself wild at heart, I enjoyed Wes' initial chase to win Mila's heart. As their relationship grows, Mila also embarks on her own spiritual journey to understand herself and personal happiness. Rebecca Rose writes so descriptively that I felt I was right there with her. This is a touching and encouraging story, which I highly recommend."
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  • Anonymous Amazon Review
"Mila’s life could not be planned. It had to just unfold the way it was supposed to happen. Her acceptance of grace made love possible. As she puts it: “We all experience an itchy irritability that can only be satisfied through spirituality.” The book is a masterpiece. Her descriptions of life’s passions are brilliantly written, feelings of both pain and love can be felt by the reader."
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  • Amazon Review by N. Price
"Rebecca opened her heart in a most vulnerable way. Her journey, although different from mine, I could relate to and was encouraged by. God is always at work. His mercies are new every morning. True peace can only come from a relationship with Him. I will continue to ponder and seek what Papa may have for me through the gift of the words on the pages of this book."
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  • Amazon Review by D. NcCorchuck
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